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Elderly recluse seeking roommates for shared costs and company.

Large estate within 10 minutes of city centre, all amenities and bills included.
The grounds and estate are free to use as you see fit except of course for my bedroom, and the basement, which are STRICTLY OFF LIMITS.

Quite eager to have new tenants: all rooms are fully furnished. Stay with me for 5 days straight and if you don't like it, I will pay YOU $10,000 for your time. YOU WONT FIND A BETTER OFFER!

Roommates Wanted is an incursion for Trophy Dark where a group of acquaintances stay in a strange, rich recluses estate with him for the promise of riches. None of the tenants will be the same again.

Created for the Trophy Trifolds game jam.

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
TagsHorror, incursion, trophy, trophy-dark


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From the Trophy Trifolds jam roundups:

A brutal, surreal anticapitalist incursion of white-collar professionals, cut-throat provision of basic necessities, and lots and lots of rats.

Three things I liked:

  1. "I have no time for anyone whose backgrounds includes ever having been: Goths (occult),"
  2. "The landlord napping in the conservatory, rats crawling all over him."
  3. "A rat splitting open, miniature humans spilling out of its guts."

This is such a funny, creepy incursion - my players laughed a lot but we still managed moments of real creepiness and horror, which is exactly what I wanted. Super fun, highly recommend!

Thank you so much for the feedback, it’s very much appreciated! Glad you and your group enjoyed it.

A very nice interpretation of the theme, with probably the best intro of a ttrpg product I have ever read. It has a fantastic vibe reminding me of “intelligent Rat“ short stories like “Barney“. This is next in line to be ran.

Thank you! I’d love to hear a play report afterwards!